The Need for Final Expense

Every day, families are faced with the difficult task of saying goodbye to loved ones. No one knows when we or a loved one will die, but we can take steps to help ensure that funeral costs and other final expenses will be covered when the time comes.

Many people think that Social Security or Veteran benefits will cover their final expense needs, but $255--Social Security Lump-Sum Death Benefit and/or Veteran's Administration benefit of $700, is not going to pay for much.  A typical funeral that includes a casket and vault, carries a median cost of $8,508 not including other expenses such as flowers, transportation and obituary notices.  
Ask yourself these questions: 
  • How will your bills and funeral expenses be paid?
  • Who will pay for any outstanding hospital or medical bills?
  • Could your family afford to pay these bills without sacrificing their retirement or other savings?
  • Do I want to leave this financial burden to my family after I die?

Final expense insurance is life insurance and there are two main types of coverage: Level Benefit, which pays the entire life insurance benefit immediately upon approval, and Graded Benefit, which pays out a reduced life insurance benefit during the first two years.  Both types only require a short health interview--no medical exam is required, and both offer coverage up to $25,000.00.
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